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What Does Your Business Need To Know About Intellectual Property Rights?

business entities - miami business litigationThe future of your business en-devours very likely rest on the shoulders of an invention, or idea – and protecting that future is where Miami Business Litigation falls into play!

“A patent is just one form of intellectual property (IP) that we come into contact with regularly. Other forms of IP include trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets, all of which help secure venture capital investments. All forms of IP are intangible assets that similarly promote creativity and innovation…” [ Read more here ]

Business Litigation Services That Won’t Quit!

protect your business assets and investments with pollack polllack & koganIf you own a business, or are planning on starting up your future with one, it’s essential to employ the professional help of Pollack, Pollack & Kogan to protect your assets and property. Legal needs are sure to be on your horizon as succeeding in today’s world is sure to throw you some roadblocks – contact Miami Business Litigation today, and follow them on Twitter to keep up with the latest news and updates.


The Role Of Artificial Intelligence In The World Of Intellectual Property

The promise artificial intelligence exhibits in the business world is almost unmatched, with the abilities of computers to compile information and make real time decisions. So how does AI play into the world of intellectual property?

“The number of IP assets globally is growing. According to the WIPO there was a 7.8% growth in patent filings between 2014 and 2015.  This upward trend in filings has continued for at least 20 years.  Therefore, IP documentation and resources are growing.  Finding relevant information in this vast amount of data is becoming more difficult….” [ Read more here ]

Legal Advice and Representation For All Your Business Needs

Are you about to start down the road of opening your own business? Maybe you’re in the process of constructing you Will? The elite legal team at Pollack, Pollack & Kogan can get you the legal advice and counsel you need to protect yourself, and those you love from legal roadblocks.

Check out the frequently asked questions at Pollack, Pollack & Kogan and contact the firm for more information, legal advice, and representation.


How Does Your Intellectual Property Influence Your Marketing Strategy?

intellectual property protection with miami business litigation Your company’s intellectual property is it’s backbone to building a bright future. Protecting it is where Miami Business Litigation comes in! “Intellectual property rights play a crucial role in the marketing strategy of all kinds of an increasing number of companies, and it involves a set of processes, creations and communications offerings which have value for the clients, customers or society in general. Marketing necessarily generates intangible assets that may be protected by intellectual property rights…” [ Read more here ]

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Uber’s Legal Troubles Continue To Haunt The Company

uber's legal troubles - miami business litigation Uber’s inception in 2010 took many competitors and regulators by storm, with it’s practices giving it a clear advantage over competition. But after years of legal battles, a Harvard Business School associate professor is questioning whether the company should exist at all…

“From many passengers’ perspective, Uber is a godsend — lower fares than taxis, clean vehicles, courteous drivers, easy electronic payments. Yet the company’s mounting scandals reveal something seriously amiss, culminating in last week’s stern report from former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder…” [ Read more here ]