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An Intellectual Property Guide For Entrepreneurs

How are you protecting your business assets and intellectual property rights – the backbone of your business? The team at Miami Business Litigation has you covered, and check out these guidelines for the basics behind filing property protections and how it impacts your rights…

“Intellectual property is any invention or piece of original work you’ve personally developed, such as your business’s name, logo, products, marketing materials and designs. Protecting your intellectual property helps prevent others from using or copying it, and if someone does copy it, you have recourse…” [ Read more here ]

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Aims To Tackle Intellectual Property

Intellectual property crime has been plaguing businesses around the world for years, and it’s a problem that doesn’t seem to have an end in sight. The property being stolen can sink a business, and it’s innovations in a heartbeat. Protect your business interests with the professional legal assistance from Pollack, Pollack & Kogan.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is gearing up for a briefing, where they are expected to announce plans to crack down on international intellectual property theft crimes… “Nearly 600 participants from more than 60 countries will focus on evolving crime trends in areas such as illicit trafficking on the Internet, as well as on protecting the public from potentially harmful products…” [ Read more here ]

The Role Of Artificial Intelligence In The World Of Intellectual Property

The promise artificial intelligence exhibits in the business world is almost unmatched, with the abilities of computers to compile information and make real time decisions. So how does AI play into the world of intellectual property?

“The number of IP assets globally is growing. According to the WIPO there was a 7.8% growth in patent filings between 2014 and 2015.  This upward trend in filings has continued for at least 20 years.  Therefore, IP documentation and resources are growing.  Finding relevant information in this vast amount of data is becoming more difficult….” [ Read more here ]

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When Should You Contact A Intellectual Property Lawyer?

business entities - miami business litigationHow are you protecting your businesses assets and interests? You intellectual property is your backbone, so do you know when is the right time to contact a lawyer for protection?

“You have an idea, and you want to protect it. That idea could be a product, a logo, or an original concept. Intellectual property law is how you can protect that idea from being copied. Copyrights, patents and trademarks can help ensure your idea remains your…” [ Read more here ]

Protect Your Intellectual Property And Ensure Your Future

Protecting your business assets is crucial to ensuring the future and growth of your property. If you need some assistance protecting your assets or intellectual property, the team at Pollack, Pollack & Kogan are waiting to help you.

“American leadership in intellectual property (IP) presents one of our economy’s greatest strengths and biggest challenges. Consider the evidence: from leading apparel brands and electronics to the production of movies, music and lifesaving medicines, IP supports more than 45 million American jobs in 81 different industries…” [ Read more here ]