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Trust Your Business Litigation Needs To Pollack, Pollack & Kogan

protect your business assets and investments with pollack polllack & koganIf you own a business, or are planning on starting up your future with one, it’s essential to employ the professional help of Pollack, Pollack & Kogan to protect your assets and property. Legal needs are sure to be on your horizon as succeeding in today’s world is sure to throw you some roadblocks – contact Miami Business Litigation today, and follow them on Twitter to keep up with the latest news and updates.


uber lawsuits spark ceo search

Lawsuits And Scandals Force New CEO Hire At Uber

uber lawsuits spark ceo search Uber’s repeated lawsuits and scandals have plagued the company for months, and landing a blow just recently as they are now looking to replace their CEO, Travis Kalanick. “As Business Insider and other news outlets have reported, Uber’s board has been meeting since Friday to try and pick a new CEO.  Should the board come to an agreement, the new CEO could be announced to employees next week, some sources say….” [ Read more here ]

Protecting Your Business From The Latest Fee Fraud Scam

Fraud and scams are a great threat to any business, small or large, and there has been no lack of threat over recent years. The latest attempt to cash in with a fraudulent attack is similar to one from recent years past, involving a bank of Nigeria… “In this latest version, email automation software is used to lure small businesses. The intended victim receives an email that initially appears to be personalized even though the fraudster can target hundreds of potential victims at once…” [ Read more here ]

Fortune 500 CEOs & Execs Let You In On The Secret To Success

building a road to successHow do you set yourself up for success? Fortune 500 CEO’s and top executives are letting you in on some knowledge to help you start paving a lucrative road while you’re in your 20’s.

“Current and former Fortune 500 executives, as well as other business leaders, have given some great career advice on Business Insider’s podcast, “Success! How I Did It.”  From Sheryl Sandberg to Steve Ballmer, we pulled the best advice they gave for 20-somethings who have big business ambitions…” [ Read more here ]

Why You Should Write Your Letter Of Demand With Your Attorney

Your letter of demand is the formal start to your legal proceedings against a debtor, and while you can compose this yourself, it’s often a great idea to get your attorney involved at this stage. From the wording of your letter, to presenting a powerful letterhead, providing a path to resolution, and more; there is a lot involved in getting started down the right road in your legal case.

Get the legal advice and services your business needs from the trusted experts at Miami Business Litigation.

President Trump Outlines Plan To Deal With China’s Intellectual Property Troubles

Are U.S. businesses missing out on big income due to intellectual property theft originating from China? The latest report from the Commission on the Theft of American Intellectual Property is noting the U.S. could be missing out on a whopping $600 billion a year…

“President Trump is scheduled to sign an executive action Monday directing the United States Trade Representative to determine whether to investigate any of China’s acts, policies or practices that may be harming American intellectual property, innovation and technology by encouraging or requiring the transfer of American technology to China…” [ Read more here ]

What Does Your Business Need To Know About Intellectual Property Rights?

business entities - miami business litigationThe future of your business en-devours very likely rest on the shoulders of an invention, or idea – and protecting that future is where Miami Business Litigation falls into play!

“A patent is just one form of intellectual property (IP) that we come into contact with regularly. Other forms of IP include trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets, all of which help secure venture capital investments. All forms of IP are intangible assets that similarly promote creativity and innovation…” [ Read more here ]