Mini-MBA course teaches business litigation to law students

A “mini-MBA” course intended to help law school students better understand business litigation and finance was held last week in New York, sponsored by the Brooklyn Law School.

The Business Boot Camp, held in partnership with Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory (Deloitte) and John P. Oswald, President and CEO of Capital Trust Group and a member of the Law School’s Board of Trustees, was designed to help the law school’s students better prepare for practicing in the global business litigation marketplace, the Brooklyn Eagle reported.

It takes a hypothetical business from beginning to end, covering topics like initial capitalization, going public and acquiring another company

The Boot Camp has graduated more than 500 students since the course began four years ago. It is taught by corporate and business law faculty at the school, and law school graduates.

Students learn about business litigation topics that developing a business plan, reading financial statements, valuing assets, raising capital and meeting business goals while complying with the law, per the Eagle. Students receive credit for the course. The Boot Camp is designed to complement the school’s corporate, commercial and tax law courses.

Boot Camp attendees also hear from experts on topics like cybersecurity to how to buy and sell a business.

Nick Allard, the president and dean at Brooklyn Law School, said having business skills better prepares students to practice law both for corporations and entrepreneurial businesses.

The workshop also exposes students to new technology being used in business litigation, and gives them an advantage in a tight job market where having business acumen and understanding the budgeting process businesses go through could be a job-seeking advantage.

Anthony Campanelli, a Deloitte risk and financial advisory partner who helped develop the Boot Camp curriculum, said, “Developing business acumen and becoming financially literate are critical to success in today’s globally connected world.”