8 ways to fight employee stress

The holidays can be a stressful time for some people. But if you are a business owner, there are some things that you can do to make this time of year — and all year round — a little more calm for your employees.

Smallbiztrends.com offers these suggestions for reducing employee stress:

Focus on open communication — Don’t take for granted that you know what employees want or need. Make sure they know you are open to comments, questions and suggestions.

  • Listen to them — Stop and really focus on what your employees are saying. Don’t just hear what they are saying; really listen.
  • Encourage them to ask for what they need — This should include working from home when the babysitter doesn’t show up, or other situations that require flexibility.
  • Build community — Encourage team members to support each other.
  • Allow a personal touch — Let them show a little creativity in their jobs, and to decorate their workspace in a way that reflects their personal style.
  • Be transparent — Let them know how you feel about challenges on the job, and that you’re aware everything isn’t always perfect.
  • Be authentic — Don’t try to be someone you aren’t; it will only alienate people.
  • Check your intentions — Are you keeping in mind that your employees are fellow human beings and not just a means for you to increase your bottom line?
  • Provide mental health days — The hope is that employees will feel comfortable enough to share whether their stress is work related so you can fix the cause.

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